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Elect Max for WJCC School Board

Max Blalock

A father with two boys in WJCC schools, Max is an educator and pastor who has committed his life to working for the well-being of children, youth, and young adults. Through his work as a public school teacher, youth director, church pastor, and campus minister, Max has learned what it takes for students to thrive. They need to know that they are safe and well cared for, and this happens when we have excellent, well-supported folks working in our schools. 

As a school board member representing Roberts District, Max will work hard to ensure that all our children have the best experience and education.

Max's approach for our schools

Learning together

I will reach out to parents and other caregivers, students, teachers, and staff through discussions, school visits, and listening events to find out what's working in our schools -- and where we need to do better.


The community consensus we develop will guide me  as I I represent Roberts District on the school board.

School Bus & Children
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Working together

I will encourage parents, caregivers, students, faculty, and staff to continue to participate in board meetings, and to hold us accountable. 


The consensus we build will focus our efforts to improve our schools with better curriculum, better facilities, and better outcomes for all students. 

Succeeding Together

When we listen, learn, and work together, we build a powerful community of love and care for our students, faculty, and staff.


I will work together with my fellow school board members and city and county leaders to do whatever needs to be done to have the best schools for our students, schools that are fully funded, fully staffed, and enthusiastically supported by the community.

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Max has the experience

Max has served for over 12 years as William and Mary's Wesley Foundation pastor.  His work with students, faculty and staff extends far beyond his faith ministry to building coalitions and programs to improve the lives of everyone in the W&M community. 

Awareness of food insecurity among students and staff led Max to bring together a team to create a Food Exchange now serving over 2500 meals a year.  Since the start of the pandemic, Wesley has offered safe housing for students who have nowhere else to go.  Max has also partnered with a coalition of students, staff and faith leaders to ensure better working conditions for campus food service staff.

Max: why I'm running

In my small town growing up, the most important communities were my family, my church, and my school. The teachers, coaches and staff at my public school supported me and my peers and helped us learn and thrive and feel safe. My two boys have attended WJCC schools their whole lives, and Becky and I are so thankful to see our boys finding that same school experience here.


I want to make sure every student has that experience -- that they feel safe, know they belong, and receive an excellent education.  That’s why I’m running for school board and why I need your help to win.

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